segunda-feira, 23 de junho de 2008

bilhete escrito num guardanapo de outrora

the ship didn´t came.

I was waiting for it, hopefull, but it never showed up. blame on me: why should I always believe things will work out in the end? sometimes the ships just don’t come, and the only thing that lasts is my endless and stupid hope.

I’ve tried, and this feeling almost makes me feel “I did my best”. bullshit. what I really wanted was to spend the rest of my life by your side. and you had the courage to tell me you’re afraid of diving on it. who’s the most stupid here? You or me?

I am sure I have kinda responsibility on it. I was supposed to give it up a long time ago but I just didn’t. I kept believing on it and now I’m disappointed like a small kid staring at the sea, dreaming something big is gonna happen. waiting for a enormous love that might be coming pretty soon, but this soon never come. I should have accept the ship wasn’t coming.

nevermind… I’ll be ok pretty soon. not so sure about you.

and this is the exact moment I’m giving up.

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Ciana Lago disse...

Fala pra personagem fazer isso mesmo!
Give up do que nao vale a pena pq o que vale mesmo, nem passa pela nossa cabeça em desisitir!