sexta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2008

Vida cíclica

Um recado na secretária eletrônica dela há tempos atrás:

It's so hard to be away. It's so hard to decide if you should hold or let go the feeling you have deep inside. But we'll find the time and the way to be together again.

E a resposta dela, num telegrama.Ela sempre gostou de clichês:

I just wanna tell you I think about you every day. Tell you that when you call or write me it makes me happy for a week. Tell you nothing has changed inside my heart. Yes, I´m living my life and everything is just great. Everything but you.

I need and want to see you. Miss you everyday of my life. Please, don´t let me go away from your heart.

Vida cíclica.